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Curracabah (Acacia leiocalyx)
Curracabah (Acacia leiocalyx)

Common Name(s): Curracabah, early-flowering black wattle

Scientific Name: Acacia leiocalyx

Distribution: Australia

Average Dried Weight: 53.1 lbs/ft3 (850 kg/m3)

Janka Hardness: 2,300 lbf (10,210 N)*

*Estimated hardness based on specific gravity

Comments: A small tree with fairly dense, dark-colored wood. Another very closely related species, Acacia concurrens, also goes by the name curracabah. Curracabah is not available commercially and its used is primarily limited to hobbyist and other small specialty craft items.

Note: This is a truncated profile page. If you have any helpful info or experience with this wood species, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to integrate any relevant data when I expand the page. ~Eric

Images: Drag the slider up/down to toggle between raw and finished wood.

[caption id="attachment_22083" align="alignleft" width="300"]Curracabah (Acacia leiocalyx) Curracabah (Acacia leiocalyx)[/caption]

Identification: See the article on Hardwood Anatomy for definitions of endgrain features.

Curracabah (endgrain 10x)
Curracabah (endgrain 10x)
Curracabah (endgrain 10x)
Curracabah (endgrain 10x)

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