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I’m slowly grinding my way through roughly 800 wood species that have still yet to be listed on the site. I’m working my way alphabetically by botanical name, so check out the latest added wood to see where I’m at in the queue! (Let me know if you’ve got something interesting that you’d like to donate to the site; or else perhaps we could trade wood samples too!)

Recently Added:

  • Florida maple

    Florida maple

    > Hardwoods > Sapindaceae > Acer > floridanum Common Name(s): Florida maple, southern sugar maple, hammock maple Scientific Name: Distribution: Southeastern United States Average Dried Weight: 42.3 lbs/ft3 (675 kg/m3)* *Density based on a single sample tested Janka Hardness: 1,240 lbf (5,110 N)* *Estimated hardness based on specific gravity Comments: Sometimes called southern sugar maple, this medium-sized tree has sometimes been treated as a subspecies of sugar maple—Acer saccharum subsp. floridanum. Like its more popular kin, Florida maple has dense and hard wood essentially on par with hard maple—though its slightly smaller size and more scarce occurrence have meant it’s not generally …Check it out »



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