Eric Meier (IWCS #9701)

Are you interested in getting or using new and unusual wood species? Are you a wood collector? If so, maybe we can trade. If you are a member of the International Wood Collectors Society (IWCS), then you probably already know that the standard size for wood samples is 6″ (long) x 3″ (wide) x 1/2″ (thick). sample-size

What I’ve got for trade

Please note that this is not a for-sale list—I’m only looking to extend my diversity of wood species and therefore multiply the reach of the site. For purchasing wood samples, I’d direct you to other sources such as Gary Green, Carlton McLendon Inc, or the man who quite literally wrote the book on wood collecting, Alan Curtis.
#Common NameScientific NameNotes
001Pacific silver firAbies amabilisknot
002Pacific silver firAbies amabilisapproximately 2.4″ wide
287Pink gidgeeAcacia crombei7/16″ thick, wane edge, ~65% sapwood
006Box elderAcer negundodefects
007Red mapleAcer rubrumslight defects
008Hard mapleAcer saccharum 
010Ambrosia mapleAcer sp. 
011Ambrosia mapleAcer sp.streaked, but without bug holes
009Mountain mapleAcer spicatumglued up (two piece), defects
012Yellow buckeyeAesculus flava (= A. octandra) 
191ChamfutaAfzelia quanzensis 
013KauriAgathis australisswamp-recovered Kauri
015LebbeckAlbizia lebbeck 
158LebbeckAlbizia lebbeck2 7/8″ wide
016Black sirisAlbizia odoratissima 
017BoonareeAlectryon oleifoliusglued up (two piece), 7/16″ thick, 5 3/4″ long
018BoonareeAlectryon oleifoliusmostly sapwood
019BulokeAllocasuarina luehmanniiminor defects
020BulokeAllocasuarina luehmanniidefects
021BulokeAllocasuarina luehmannii 
022Red alderAlnus rubraknot one side
259EmienAlstonia congensis2 7/8″ wide
307CerejeiraAmburana cearensis4″ x 4″ x 1.5″ thick
322CerejeiraAmburana cearensis2 5/8″ wide, 5 3/4″ long, checks
308CebilAnadenanthera colubrina4″ x 4″ x 2″
023MersawaAnisoptera sp.glued up (two piece)
024Parana pineAraucaria angustifolia 
025Madrone (burl veneer)Arbutus menziesiiveneer mounted to 1/2″ MDF
302Manzanita (root)Arctostaphylos sp.wane and defects, missing corner
323ManzanitaArctostaphylos sp.defects/checks
203Goncalo alvesAstronium sp.3/4″ thick
027Blackheart sassafrasAtherosperma moschatum 
236TawaBeilschmieda tawa5 3/4″ long, thickness tapers from 1/2″ to 3/8″
189Brown ivoryBerchemia discolor 
028Pink ivoryBerchemia zeyheriglued up (two piece), moderately curly figure
029Pink ivoryBerchemia zeyherimoderately curly figure
030BrazilnutBertholletia excelsa 
204BrazilnutBertholletia excelsaglued up (2 stacked facegrain pieces)
294BrazilnutBertholletia excelsa7/8″ thick; glued-up (two piece)
031Suriname ironwood/yzerhartBocoa prouacensissome sapwood, slight drying check one side
033SucupiraBowdichia virgilioides 
260BomangaBrachystegia laurentii2 7/8″ wide
190MasasaBrachystegia spiciformis 
234BloodwoodBrosimum rubescensgood red color; 2 3/4″ wide, ~1″ thick
251BloodwoodBrosimum rubescens5 7/8″ long, 7/16″ thick
211Argentine lignum vitaeBulnesia sarmientoi5.5″ long
242Gumbo limboBursera simarubaspalted, ~3/8″ thick
213BoxwoodBuxus sempervirensglued up (two piece)
214BoxwoodBuxus sempervirensdefects/discoloration
224Rose alderCaldeluvia australiensis 
035LemonwoodCalycophyllum candidissimumglued up (two piece)
284Oriental hornbeamCarpinus orientalis 
194MulmanamaCassia abbreviata5 3/4″ long
206MulmanamaCassia abbreviata 
207MulmanamaCassia abbreviata5 3/4″ long, glued up (2 facegrain pieces)
037American chestnutCastanea dentatadefects
038Chinese chestnutCastanea mollissima 
167Sweet chestnutCastanea sativa2.7″ wide
039BelahCasuarina cristata 
040Southern catalpaCatalpa bignonioides 
041HackberryCeltis occidentalis 
237HackberryCeltis occidentalis7/16″ thick
217MomoquiCenostimga pluviosa (=Caesalpinia)glued up (3 stacked facegrain layers)
042CarobCeratonia siliquadefects
309Mountain MahoganyCercocarpus ledifolius4″ x 4″ x 2″; drying checks, some sapwood
043Port Orford cedarChamaecyparis lawsonianaapproximately 2.4″ wide
233CamphorCinnamomum camphora 
326Florida fiddlewoodCitharexylum spinosum3/8″ thick; glued up (two-piece)
327Florida fiddlewoodCitharexylum spinosumjust under 3/8″ thick
262CordiaCordia platythyrsa2 7/8″ wide
219KouCordia subcordatasome sapwood, wane edge
044HazelCorylus avellana2.6″ wide
319Cadaghi (quartersawn)Corymbia torelliana2 3/4″ wide; some bug holes/discoloration
320Cadaghi (flatsawn)Corymbia torelliana2 3/4″ wide; some bug holes/discoloration
264Oneseed hawthornCrataegus monogynadefects, wane, 1.75 to 2.75″ wide, 7/16″ thick
045Bolly or Tarzali silkwoodCryptocarya oblata 
297SugiCryptomeria japonica 
046Monterey cypressCupressus macrocarpa 
199OkanCylicodiscus gabunensis 
047Madagascar rosewoodDalbergia baronii7/16″ thick, bland
048Siamese rosewoodDalbergia cochinchinensis7/16″ thick
049Siamese rosewoodDalbergia cochinchinensis 
240Guatemalan rosewoodDalbergia cubilquitzensis5 7/8″ long
241Guatemalan rosewoodDalbergia cubilquitzensis5 7/8″ long, glued-up (2 stacked facegrain pieces)
238Burmese blackwoodDalbergia cultratabland
202East Indian rosewoodDalbergia latifoliaglued up (2 piece, well matched), 5 3/4″ long
310African BlackwoodDalbergia melanoxylon4″ x 4″ x 2″
185Brazilian rosewoodDalbergia nigraglued up (2 stacked facegrain pieces)
051Burmese rosewoodDalbergia oliveribland
252CocoboloDalbergia retusa 
052SissooDalbergia sissoomostly sapwood
053SissooDalbergia sissooknot
249SissooDalbergia sissoo 
054Honduran rosewoodDalbergia stevensoniisome sapwood
055Honduran rosewoodDalbergia stevensonii 
282BoireDetarium senegalensesmall patches of discoloration in heartwood
057AngeliqueDicorynia guianensis 
200Angelim vermelhoDinizia excelsa 
059Mun ebonyDiospyros mun 
058Malaysian blackwoodDiospyros sp. 
161PersimmonDiospyros virginianadiscoloration, 2 3/4″ wide
201TiamaEntandrophragma angolense 
248SapeleEntandrophragma cylindricum3/8″ thick
270Cooktown ironwoodErythrophleum chlorostachysglued up (2-piece), 5 9/16″ long, 1/4″ thick
223JicarilloEschweilera sp. 
063Coast gray boxEucalyptus bosistoana 
066Blue gumEucalyptus globulus 
067MessmateEucalyptus obliqua 
068BlackbuttEucalyptus pilularisdefects
306Mountain ash burlEucalyptus regnanssolid burl; 4″ x 4″ x 1/2″
069Swamp mahoganyEucalyptus robustafigured grain
070Grey ironbarkEucalyptus sp.minor defects
071Grey ironbarkEucalyptus sp.major defects
072Grey ironbarkEucalyptus sp. 
301Brown mallee burlEucalyptus sp.solid burl; wane on all corners on one side
229White ashFraxinus americanaminor defects
311RengasGluta sp.4″ x 4″ x 2″
075Southern silky oakGrevillea robustaquartersawn, defects
076Lignum vitaeGuaiacum officinaledefects
226African rosewoodGuibourtia coleosperma 
227African rosewoodGuibourtia coleospermaglued up (two facegrain layers), slightly undersize
275Tiete rosewoodGuibourtia hymenaeifolia 
179BubingaGuibourtia sp. 
255KevazingaGuibourtia tessmannii 
077CoffeetreeGymnocladus dioicus.35″ thick
078Blue mahoeHibiscus elatus (syn. Talipariti)~5/16″ thick
192Milk PearInhambanella henriquesii 
181MerbauIntsia bijuga 
172JacarandaJacaranda mimosifoliabug hole/stain
080ButternutJuglans cinereadefects one side
316Claro walnutJuglans hindsiimarbled/burl; 4″ x 3.75″ x 2.6″ thick
231Black wanutJuglans nigrafeather crotch grain, glued up (two facegrain pieces)
081Bastogne walnutJuglans x paradox50/50 sapwood/heartwood
245Bastogne walnutJuglans x paradox 
246Bastogne walnutJuglans x paradox3/8″ thick
285Ashe’s juniperJuniperus ashei7/16″ thick, 1.5″ to 2″ wide (bark edge)
256Western juniperJuniperus occidentalis2 9/16″ wide, 7/16″ thick
305Eastern red cedarJuniperus virginiana5 3/8″ long, 3/4″ thick
299Dry zone mahoganyKhaya senegalensis 
298African mahoganyKhaya sp. 
265Tick bushKunzea ambiguawane edge, tapers to 2 5/8″ wide
266Tick bushKunzea ambiguawane edges, ~2.5″ wide, 1/4″ thick
267Tick bushKunzea ambiguadefects/knots
291SapucaiaLecythis sp.5.75″, 7/16″ thick; glued up (two piece)
292SapucaiaLecythis sp.5″ long
312Brown ebonyLibidibia paraguariensis (=Caesalpinia)4″ x 4″ x 2″
268Bridalveil treeLibidibia punctata (=Caesalpinia)glued up (2-piece), 2 5/8″ wide, 4 7/8″ long
254Rainbow poplarLiriodendron tulipifera7/16″ thick
232Myrtle beechLophozonia cunninghamii (=Nothofagus)defects, one corner under width (~5/16″)
253African walnutLovoa sp. 
085HububaliLoxopterygium sagotii 
186CucumbertreeMagnolia acuminata5 7/8″ long
086Southern magnoliaMagnolia grandiflora 
087AppleMalus pumilaglued up (two piece)
187AppleMalus sylvestris1/16″ under in width and thickness
088MangoMangifera indica 
089Chico zapoteManilkara zapotajust over 2.5″ wide, knot
261N’zambiaMarkhamia lutea2 3/4″ wide
303WengeMillettia laurentii5 3/8″ long, 2.5″ wide, 3/4″ thick
304WengeMillettia laurentii5 3/8″ long, 3″ wide, 3/4″ thick
090ThinwinMillettia leucantha (= M. pendula) 
091ThinwinMillettia leucantha (= M. pendula)7/16″ thickness
092White mulberryMorus albadefects
093Black mulberryMorus nigradefects
193NewtoniaNewtonia hildebrandtii2 7/8″ wide
228BalsaOchroma pyramidale 
313ImbuyaOcotea porosa4″ x 4″ x 2″
095OliveOlea europaeaglued up (three piece), ugly
096Eastern hophornbeamOstrya virginianaminor defects
097Eastern hophornbeamOstrya virginiana 
258Nepal sandalwoodOsyris wightianaglued up (two piece), 1/4″- thick
098NyatohPalaquium sp.2.75″ undersized
177ParinariParinari excelsa.4″ thick
243BrazilwoodPaubrasilia echinata (= Caesalpinia)1/4″ thick
324Paulownia (curly grain)Paulownia sp.5 7/8″ long
325Paulownia (curly grain)Paulownia sp.5 7/8″ long; one corner dented
099PaulowniaPaulownia tomentosa 
244PaulowniaPaulownia tomentosa1/4″ thick
289Bastard stopperPetitia domingensis5.4″ long, glued up (2-piece)
290Bastard stopperPetitia domingensis5.4″ long, wane edge
281Red tip photiniaPhotinia x fraseri 
174Sitka sprucePicea sitchensis.4″ thick
176Caribbean pinePinus caribaeablue stained
100Shortleaf pinePinus echinatadefects
103Sugar pinePinus lambertianaapproximately 2.4″ wide
105Radiata pinePinus radiata 
106Eastern white pinePinus strobusapproximately 2.4″ wide
178Loblolly pinePinus taeda3/8″ thick, defects
108PodocarpPodocarpus sp.quartersawn
274White poplarPopulus alba50/50 sapwood/heartwood
109Quaking aspenPopulus tremuloidesapproximately 2.4″ wide
295Honey mesquiteProsopis sp. 
314MesquiteProsopis sp.4″ x 4″ x 2″
288ItinProspois kuntzei3.6″ wide x 3.8″ long x .7″ thick
110PlumPrunus domestica 
247PlumPrunus domesticaslightly undersized
111PeachPrunus persicadefects
112Douglas firPseudotsuga menziesiiwavy grain
113Douglas firPseudotsuga menziesiimostly sapwood
114KossoPterocarpus erinaceus 
293KossoPterocarpus erinaceusglued-up (two piece)
115NarraPterocarpus indicus 
116NarraPterocarpus indicus2.75″ wide
276Callery pear (‘Bradford’)Pyrus calleryana~7/16″ thick
118PearPyrus communisvery light colored (possibly all sapwood)
119White oakQuercus alba 
120Bur oakQuercus macrocarpa 
188Chinkapin oakQuercus muehlenbergii 
121Red oakQuercus rubramildly curly
122Black oakQuercus velutina 
123Live oakQuercus virginianadefects
196Common buckthornRhamnus catharticaminor defects
197Common buckthornRhamnus catharticabark corner, defects
124Cascara buckthornRhamnus purshiana2 7/8″ wide, 3/8″ thick
125Staghorn sumacRhus typhinaglued up (two piece)
171SassafrasSassafras albidum.4″ thick
272Red quebrachoSchinopsis lorentzii7/16″ thick
273Red quebrachoSchinopsis lorentzii3/8″ thick
159QuebrachoSchinopsis sp.ID from USDA Forest Products Laboratory
160QuebrachoSchinopsis sp.5 3/4″ long, ID from USDA Forest Products Laboratory
235California pepperSchinus mollespalted
221Red louroSextonia rubra (=Ocotea) 
222Red louroSextonia rubra (=Ocotea)glued up (2 stacked facegrain layers)
296Red louroSextonia rubra (=Ocotea)2 5/8″ wide, 3/4″ thick
128SepetirSindora sp.bug holes
169SepetirSindora sp.glued up (two piece)
317NioveStaudtia kamerunensis 
130BeefwoodStenocarpus salignus 
220QueenwoodSwartzia sp. 
131Honduran mahoganySwietenia macrophylla 
132Hybrid mahoganySwietenia macrophylla x mahoganiquartersawn
133Hybrid mahoganySwietenia macrophylla x mahoganiflatsawn
134Cuban mahoganySwietenia mahagoniglued up (four piece: facegrain layers)
135Cuban mahoganySwietenia mahagonisome sapwood
136MerpauhSwintonia sp. 
269TurpentineSyncarpia glomuliferaglued up (2-piece), 3/8″ thick, splintered corner(s)
137LilacSyringa vulgaris2 3/4″ wide, knot
138Tamarind (spalted)Tamarindus indicavery nicely spalted / ink lines
182English yewTaxus baccataslightly undersized
271Japanese yewTaxus cuspidata 
139TeakTectona grandis2 3/4″ wide
212NargustaTerminalia amazonia 
318Nargusta (burl)Terminalia amazoniaapprox. 4″ x 4″ x 1/2″
140Indian laurelTerminalia elliptica 
286Thuja burlTetraclinis articulata3.75″ x 4.75″ x .5″ (solid burl)
180Western red cedarThuja plicata 
263Northern white cedarThuya occidentalis 
141Littleleaf lindenTilia cordata 
142Australian red cedarToona ciliataknot
183Eastern hemlockTsuga canadensisslightly under in thickness
184Eastern hemlockTsuga canadensis 
143Western hemlockTsuga heterophyllaapproximately 2.4″ wide
144Winged elmUlmus alata 
145American elmUlmus americanasome sapwood
146American elmUlmus americanaquartersawn
147Cedar elmUlmus crassifolia 
215Cedar elmUlmus crassifolia7/16″ thick
148Chinese elmUlmus parvifolia 
170English elmUlmus proceraglued up (two piece)
209English elmUlmus proceraabout 1/2 sapwood
150MyrtleUmbellularia californicadefects/streaks
315CamelthornVachellia erioloba4″ x 4″ x 1.75″ thick
164CamelthornVachellia erioloba (=Acacia) 
165CamelthornVachellia erioloba (=Acacia)drying checks
166CamelthornVachellia erioloba (=Acacia)1/4+” thick, drying checks
152BrownheartVouacapoua americana 
153TineoWeinmannia trichospermalacking contrasting black streaks
321Grass treeXanthorrhoea preissiichecks, wane on two corners (trapezoid)
300Sand AshXylia torreana 

Current as of February 3, 2020

Prefer an Excel spreadsheet instead? Download my trade list.

A few brief notes about the sample list above.

  • Unless otherwise noted in the “Notes” column, all samples should be very close to 6″ x 3″ x 1/2″ and in reasonably good condition, as well as fully air-dried to at least 12% moisture content.
  • Wood species identification is carefully checked, but not absolutely guaranteed. I try to deal with only reputable wood retailers and collectors. However, with that being said, I have received a number of misidentified woods (thankfully a very small percentage) over the years—sometimes from even the best of sources. I’ve made every effort to screen out what I believe are misidentified or questionable wood samples, but be aware that mistakes do happen.

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