Mountain Maple

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Mountain maple (Acer spicatum)

Common Name(s): Mountain maple, moose maple, water maple

Scientific Name: Acer spicatum

Distribution: Northeastern North America

Average Dried Weight: 34.6 lbs/ft3 (555 kg/m3)*

*Density based on a single sample tested

Janka Hardness: 810 lbf (3,600 N)*

*Estimated hardness based on specific gravity

Comments: Mountain maple grows as a shrub or a small tree, reaching a maximum height of about 30 feet. The wood of this species fairly lightweight and soft, comparable to silver maple (Acer saccharinum). Lumber from the tree is not harvested commercially.

Note: This is a truncated profile page. If you have any helpful info or experience with this wood species, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to integrate any relevant data when I expand the page. ~Eric

Images: Drag the slider up/down to toggle between raw and finished wood.


Identification: See the article on Hardwood Anatomy for definitions of endgrain features.

Mountain maple (endgrain 10x)
Mountain maple (endgrain 1x)

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