Swietenia humilis

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I have some of this as it grows in the area where I reside. It is very dense much more so than Honduras mahogany. Somewhat of a medium golden brown color not redish.


I was looking around in the shop and came across another piece of Mexican mahogany and it is a deep redish brown just want to correct what I said in the first post. Both pieces came from trees grown fairly near each other. West coast of Mexico a few hours north of Puerto Vallarta.

john watt

I’m in the uk , have several boards of it planed it up and good lord its gorgeous, I also got a lot of what looks like Honduran rosewood but weighs a lot more and has no scent the sawdust is green to start with but then goes black… it weighs like lignum but is looks nothing like it , huge wide boards too

john watt

Why is there no data on Mexican mahogany ? I just came into a fair amount of very old stock (had been sitting in a workshop for decades) and would love to know a bit more about it

Josue Pagan

It makes good guitar necks is all I know. Let me know if you’re willing to sell some.