Cercis canadensis

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max will

I’ve been getting trees cut for a few months, hoping itll resume one the skidder driver can trust the ground, since there was a lot if rain a short while ago. I’gotten cedar logs in plenty, so I can now plan on getting a bunch of cedar lumber as well as other woods, oaks, hickory, sassafras, stuff like that. However, I’ve been wondering if the wood of redbud could to worked om into somethig nice and useful, and the skidder guy knocked over some nice prospects, one even being thick enough to be a mantle. Have any of you guys… Read more »

Bill Buck

Max, I am working with a nice piece of red bud from Ohio that I purchased from Klingspor. The grain is beautiful and the core hardness is a bit softer than oak. The piece is 34 inches long and 16 inches wide. I used a drum sander to get the artistic warps out of the piece after about a year of in-home drying. I hope to include this piece in a river-resin coffee table.

Mike M

I had some smaller pieces left over from a stump-clearing job I did about 6 mos ago. I cut one piece apart but my table saw kind of ‘burned’ it’s way through it (blade needed replacing) Inside, it looked a lot like a small rosewood variant. I made a couple small slabs of it and cut/sanded out some grips for my 1911 pistol. It’s a bit of a ‘greasy’ wood so I think stains and coatings won’t work well. I did mine with a simple oil finish. Boiled linseed and a good rub down then finish with a paste wax.… Read more »


I have been working with wood for many years, turning wood, carving wood as well as boatbuilding and small project crafting. i am always looking for weird, castoff pieces of wood for turning. There is a certain anticipation as a turning takes shape and the grain becomes prominent. I trimmed a limb from a rather large Redbud in my backyard and wrapped it in plastic to prepare for woodturning. When the wood was fresh cut, it was greenish in color, which really surprised me. I split the piece in half to create a bookmatched pair of turnings. The color was… Read more »

Raymond Twomey

(Old post, I know… but not much info on redbud wood on the web.)
How was redbud to work with? Any peculiarities with it? I have redbud wood I’ve been drying from a tree I cut down, and want to work on some projects.

Is your wood project still beige? The color of the redbud I have looks similar to a darker mahogany, as it has aged.