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Example species (Pinus lambertiana)

Common Name and Type Genus: Pine family, derived from the Pinus genus

Distribution: Almost exclusively native to the Northern Hemisphere; grown on plantations worldwide

Family Size: Eleven genera and about 250 species

Notable Genera: Contains many important genera, especially to the construction trade. All true pines (Pinus), true firs (Abies), larch (Larix), spruce (Picea), hemlock (Tsuga), as well as Douglas-fir of the Pseudotsuga genus.

Comments: Pinaceae is almost synonymous with softwood. It’s hard to understate the botanical and economic importance of the family. While other families may have one or two well-known genera, Pinaceae is a veritable all-star team, with nearly every genera in the family yielding valuable commercial timber. Many trees grow fast and tall, and are very well suited for plantation growing. 

  Genera listing

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