Dalbergia (rosewood) genus

> Hardwoods > Fabaceae > Dalbergia
Example species (Dalbergia oliveri)

Common Name(s): Rosewood

Distribution: Tropical regions worldwide (most commercial species are from Central and South America, Africa, and southern Asia)

Genus Size: Approximately 270 to 300 species

Mechanical Characteristics: Density of commercial species range from medium-high (D. tucurensis) to very high (D. melanoxylon and D. cearensis).

Visual Characteristics: Heartwood tends to be dark reddish brown colored, sometimes with darker contrasting streaks. With sharply demarcated yellowish sapwood.

Identification: Wood is diffuse porous, typically with large to very large and infrequent pores. Parenchyma tends to be rather extensive in many species, commonly diffuse in aggregates, while sometimes forming bands, as well as vasicentric and aliform patterns.

  Species listing

Comments:  As of the beginning of 2017, all species were included on CITES appendix II as endangered species.

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