Betulaceae (birch) family

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Betulaceae example (Betula pendula)

Common Name and Type Genus: Birch family, derived from the Betula genus

Distribution: Primarily temperate regions in the Northern Hemisphere

Family Size: Six genera and just over 200 species

Notable Genera: The most commercially significant genus is Betula (birch), from which the family gets its name. Other notable genera include Alnus (alder) and Carpinus (hornbeam)

Comments: The birch family contains a handful of genera, most of which bear cream-colored, fine-textured, diffuse porous wood of moderate to medium-high weight. In addition to the notable genera listed above, the family also contains hazel (Corylus) and hop-hornbeam (Ostrya), as well as the more obscure Ostryopsis, a small genus native to China.

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