Rosaceae (rose) family

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Rosaceae species (Prunus serotina)

Common Name and Type Genus: Rose family, derived from the Rosa genus

Distribution: Worldwide, with increased occurrence in non-tropical regions in the Northern Hemisphere

Family Size: Approximately 100 genera and 5,000 species

Notable Genera: The rose family contains many genera of fruit-bearing trees, such as Malus (apple), Pyrus (pear),  and Prunus (cherry, apricot, plum, and almond).

Comments: Much of the commercial (and smaller hobbyist) wood from this family fits into the broader description of fruitwood, and cannot always be distinguished, even on a genus level, let alone down to species. Common characteristics include small pores with a fine texture, diffuse or semi-ring-porous vessel pattern (with increased pore frequency near the growth ring boundaries), an overall absence of visible parenchyma, and medium to wide rays. Sometimes the scent can help differentiate different species and genera, but this is not easily communicated without direct prior experience of the odor.

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