The Wood Dictionary: A New (Old) Book

An international workaround

To help get the WOOD! book into more hands internationally, I’ve turned to the world of POD (print-on-demand). Rather than printing books in bulk and shipping them internationally (which very often is bogged down in import rules/laws), each book is instead locally printed and bound one at a time as orders come in. This print method comes with both benefits and drawbacks.


  • Interior text is identical to the most up-to-date version of the WOOD! book (in this case, it matches the sixth printing from November 2021).
  • Printed in (or near) your country of origin, greatly reducing global shipping costs and making the book available internationally.
  • Wood grain images are slightly crisper and sharper (though the paper used is matte instead of glossy)


  • Softcover format (hardcover version is financially not yet feasible with this print technology)
  • Increased price (due to the nature of the print-on-demand method vs printing at scale)


Just to clarify, with the exception of the pros and cons outlined above, this book is more or less identical to my existing “WOOD!” book (please see this page for a list of all the wood species included in the book). If you already own that book, there’s really no compelling reason to pick this book up as well. But because this book is manufactured with a fundamentally different process, I’ve chosen to publish this book under a different title and ISBN. Don’t let that difference confuse you: it’s still the same chapters, same page count, same woods covered, etc. in both books.

Get a copy nearest you from Amazon:

Keep in mind that all copies of the book are in the English language and are not translations.