Simaroubaceae (quassia) family

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Common Name and Type Genus: This family does not have a common English name associated with it, though quassia is infrequently used, derived from the Simarouba genus

Distribution: Primarily tropical regions worldwide

Family Size: About 20 genera and 120 species

Notable Genera: A small family with few standouts. The Ailanthus genus is of significance as bearing A. altissima, sometimes known as tree of heaven. Other minor genera yielding commercial species include the type genera, Simarouba, as well as Quassia, formerly considered Odyendea. 

Comments: This family, as well as many genera contained within it, have been the subject of uncertainty as to proper naming and classification. Moving even broader on the taxonomic scale, Simaroubaceae is placed in the order Sapindales, which includes other related families, such as Meliaceae (mahogany) and Burseraceae (torchwood).

  Genera listing

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See the listing for A. altissima.

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