Euphorbiaceae (spurge) family

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Example species (Hevea brasiliensis)

Common Name and Type Genus: Spurge family, derived from the Euphorbia genus

Distribution: Primarily tropical regions worldwide, with concentrations in Southeast Asia and the Americas

Family Size: Over 200 genera and nearly 7,000 species

Notable Genera: Although Euphorbiaceae is a large plant family, there are comparatively few genera that are of interest to woodworkers. Hevea stands out as the most commercially distinct genus for H. brasiliensis (rubberwood), as well as the very small Aleurites genus, containing A. moluccanus (candlenut).

Comments: Many species in this family (particularly the type genus, Euphorbia), occur as small herbs or cactus-like plants. Many species bear a white, milky-like sap—a trait that is also found in one of the largest members in the family, Hevea brasiliensis, its latex being the primary source for natural rubber.

  Genera listing

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There are currently only two species in this genus, Aleurites moluccanus and A. rockinghamensis. 

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