This section includes just about any useful or interesting information on the wood species that wouldn’t appropriately fit into any of the other headings. This may include information on how the wood or tree got its name, history or lore pertaining to the wood, exceptional or unique characteristics of the wood, or commentary on the current trends or perception of the wood species.

wood-book-standupIf you’re interested in getting all that makes The Wood Database unique distilled into a single, real-world resource, there’s the book that’s based on the website—the best-seller, WOOD! Identifying and Using Hundreds of Woods Worldwide. It contains many of the most popular articles found on this website, as well as hundreds of wood profiles—laid out with the same clarity and convenience of the website—packaged in a shop-friendly hardcover book.

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Aaron Lane

This app is GOLD! I am a wood turner, and knife maker so Janka hardness and species performance metrics are critical in providing the best pieces for my clients… this App supasses what I would have written into a “wish list” of single source insight and info!


Hi Could anyone tell me what this wood is , is it Maple