Woods featured on the poster:

[expand title=”AUSTRALIA (6 species)”]



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Another special thanks is in order to those that have contributed wood samples to this website. The following people have donated samples, (with the samples that were used in this poster listed after their name).

Steve Earis: African Blackwood, African Walnut, Australian Blackwood, Balsa, Boxwood, Cedar of Lebanon, English Oak, European Ash, European Beech, European Yew, Jarrah, Kingwood, London Plane, Masur Birch, Olive, Primavera, Silky Oak, Sycamore Maple, Wych Elm. (Check out his own website for his turned projects too!)

Justin Holden: Afzelia, Canarywood, Iroko, Makore, Mansonia. (Check out his eBay store for some great deals on exotic species!)

Mike Leigher: Sassafras. (Check out his website to get some great turning blanks!)