Erythrophleum suaveolens

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José M

Erythropheleum ivorense (common names are also Elondo, Alui. Elona, Erun, Gogbei, Mancone, Missanda Mwavi, N’Kassa, Potrodom).It grows in W & E África. It has a reddish/brown color. Very heavy (around 900Kg/m3), it is also weather and insect resistant. Often used in heavy construction, floors, and anything which is exposed to the outdoors

Tim Keating

Of course, this wood, like the vast majority of tropical hardwoods, should be avoided due to unsustainable and often illegal logging. Most imports of this wood are originating from logging of old-growth forests.


How do you know all tropical hardwoods (including this one) are always (always) subjected to illegal logging? I’m familiar with a company in Africa that has sustainable forest holdings…not everybody acts the same way. Wood is a great resource if used properly


Why is there no info on Tali (Erythrophleum